Tim McGraw’s DAMN COUNTRY MUSIC is available now! Download the album at iTunes here: http://mcgr.aw/damncountrymusic

DAMN COUNTRY MUSIC’s lead single, “Top Of The World,” has been rocketing up the country radio charts since its out-of-this-world debut in August. The song’s widely-viewed lyric video features an intimate look into McGraw’s life as he surveys various personal photos and memories.


DAMN COUNTRY MUSIC Standard Tracklisting:
1. Here Tonight (ft. Gracie McGraw)
2. Losin’ You
3. How I’ll Always Be
4. Damn Country Music
5. Love Runs
6. What You’re Lookin’ For
7. Top Of The World
8. Don’t Make Me Feel At Home
9. Want You Back
10. California (with Big & Rich)
11. Humble and Kind

DAMN COUNTRY MUSIC Bonus Tracks (Deluxe Edition):
1. Everybody’s Lookin’
2. Kiss A Girl
3. Country And Western